About Robert

Robert Odus Williams, inventor and developer of Quantum Code Technology (QCT) and the author of Love Is The Power: Moving Humanity from Fear To Love.

An expert in the study of subtle energy engineering and its effect on physical systems, Robert's research has provided scientific breakthroughs in field-based technologies, consciousness, and human potential.

Robert taught music and recorded with such artists as The Beach Boys and Paul Horn.  In 1978, after a decade in the music industry, he served as General Manager for LoveSongs Productions, Inc., a motion picture and recording production company owned by Michael Love of the The Beach Boys.

The direction of Robert's life changed in 1979, when he had his first near-death experience.  Since then, he has devoted his time and energy towards researching consciousness, subtle energy, conventional physics and medicine.  He worked with prominent scientists Professor William Tiller (Stanford University), Professor Beverly Rubik (UC Berkeley), Professor Rustum Roy (Penn State University) and Professor Stuart Krassner (UC Irvine).

Robert's research was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and the Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.  He has been a guest lecturer at UC, Irvine and the Tai Sophia College of Alternative Medicine in Maryland.

He technologies appear to change standard elementary particle levels of coherence.  Robert co-developed the ONE08 mobile phone Heart+ App that enhances, supports, and maintains highly efficient human and animal bioenergy levels.

Robert has also co-developed a way to revitalize drinking water, restoring the molecular relationships of H2O to match those of pristine healing waters found around the planet.